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100-Inch Foldable Projection Screen with Hangable Cosmetic Bag

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160° Wide Viewing Angle HD Projection Screen: This 100-inch screen offers a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees, allowing you to enjoy immersive visual experiences from any position. Whether you're watching movies with your family, neighbors, or friends, everyone can find the most comfortable angle to enjoy the projection. Say goodbye to crowded gatherings and enjoy a spacious and clear viewing experience.

Portable Folding Projector Screen: Crafted with soft touch and stretchable thick polyester fiber material, this projector screen ensures a crystal-clear image display. The screen is also conveniently foldable, allowing you to pack it into a small size and carry it in your backpack or suitcase. Take your home theater, education, lectures, office presentations, or gaming sessions outdoors with ease. Experience the joy of projection wherever you go!


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